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Business need

Madresfera is community of bloggers from Spain. Bloggers can sign up and register their blog on the site. Blogre get a widget which keeps track of popularity of their blog. Madresfera updates ranking of the bloggers based on statistics it generates based on lot of inputs like traffic information of blog which we receive through the widget and social media data collected from Facebook API, Twitter API and Instagram API. Brands can register and choose bloggers for their brand promotion.  


This website caters to 3 types of users, Brand, Blogger & Readers having different privileges. All the users register from public registration form. All the registrations are confirmed by the admin of the website. “Blog search” is available to all registered users of the website. The search works “Blog Search” works on Blog name & category.


Brand register on the website to campaign & Product showcasing. Products are linked to their respective web-shops, which in turn help them in revenue generation.

Lelesys developed a large campaign ‘Promo’ module for this website. Brands can create in promo at a premium.  When Brand upload a ‘promo’ it is viewable to the bloggers, they can participate in ‘Promo’ and advertise about the brand product.

Brand also can create job opportunity on payment, which is published on the ‘notification center’ of the blogger and readers profile page.

A brand can get listed in Brand directory page at a premium so as they are listed in the page visible to public. This is useful to brand promotion. 


Blogger registers on mardresfera to enter the url of the blog, so as the widget can read the blog traffic. The APIs Lelesys implemented also counts Facebook likes, tweets, retweets, Instagram followers etc.

Social media channel connection

A blogger can connect his facebook, twitter & Instagram profile pages to the blog. This is used to get statistics from the social media. This is further used for Ranking of blogs. Widget which keeps track of popularity of a blog by considering “social media publicity” and direct hits on blog. Facebook, twitter, Instagram REST APIs are used for social media connection.

Graphical Ranking status

In the profile page each blogger can see the statistic of their ranking progress. The status is shown from the date of start of the blog till the current date and refreshed weekly.

On the above information Lelesys derived a score card which generates ranking of the blog & blogger per week. 


The readers has no special privileges but it is just a provision to receive an email notification when a new blog is added on the website.


  1. Lelesys team worked with customer for analysing the business requirement, Template selection to software architecture. Decision were taken by team members with customer consent
  2. Advanced project management tool was used during the project execution, which is easy to use.
  3. Continuous Integration  tools like Git, Gerrit and Jenkins  and processes were used during the project execution
  4. The project was run under SCRUM processes, till the project delivery date
  5. Customisable Packages like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Newsletter Subscription etc were used in this website. The Packages are developed by Lelesys.
  6. Facebook, twitter, Instagram REST APIs are used for social media connection.
  7. Paypal and RedSys payment methods were used for payment integration. 

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