Lelesys releases online guitar learning portal - newmusicacademy.de

Guitar learning using TYPO3 Neos

Guitar learning portal using TYPO3 Neos - http://www.newmusicacademy.de

Lelesys released one more project using TYPO3 Neos! NewMusicAcademy.de is a video based eLearning portal for Guitar training. This is one of our most interesting projects where we have used almost all features of TYPO3 Neos. We also developed whole eLearning platform as node based structure with custom plugins and packages.

Key features

  • Video based learning with notes, metronome in sync with video
  • Usable on desktop, tablets and phones
  • Interactive communication between teachers and students 
  • Video recording by users 
  • Online tests 
  • Course structure by Levels and Lessons 
  • Online subscription and payment 
  • Special offers
  • Easy to edit content management using TYPO3 Neos 
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