Designing a Campaign

Marketing campaign websites may involve creation of special website with call for action, subscription, trial offers or product demo. We work with customers closly to define the requirements of the campaign and setting of goals. 

Development of Content Management

Based on the goals to be acheived in the marketing campaign we implement a website with following features for example

  • Structure of content 
  • User experience and layouts 
  • Call for actions and integration with CRM 
  • Sign up for trial version of product 
  • Subscription for product demo 
  • Feedback on a video 
  • Integration with Social Media e.g. Facebook share 
  • Claiming of offers and coupons 

Let us know your online marketing needs and we will come back to you with perfect solution based on Neos CMS. Neos provides flexible way to create lots of landing pages easy and fast. 

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