Strategy for Content Marketing

We work closely with our customers to define content management strategy including planning, development and management. Strategy can focus on delivery of valueable information to customers, brand awareness and product training.

Integration with eCommerce

Content Marketing should work seemlesly with your eCommerce when it is important for visitors to have easy access to information about your products. With flexibility of Neos CMS we can integrate content directly into your eCommerce portal developed using Magento, OpenCart or other eCommerce systems.

Content management: Neos CMS

Based on Content Marketing Strategy we create content management solution based on Neos CMS. 

  • Content structures 
  • Editor's workflow based on Neos Workspaces
  • News, Video, White papers, e-books, Infographics 
  • Email newsletters,
  • Case studies, podcasts,
  • How-to guides, question and answer articles
  • Photos, blogs

Let us know your online marketing needs and we will come back to you with perfect solution based on Neos CMS. Neos provides flexible way to create lots of landing pages easy and fast. 

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