Use cases

Our custom Digital Assets Management solution is suitable in following business cases

  • Photo and video sharing in community portals
  • Media management for art websites
  • Pictures, videos and documents from News websites
  • Media from magazine websites
  • Media database for digital artists
  • Fashion and photography companies
  • Professional image banks
  • Internal digital media management for companies
  • Media for marketing  

Key features

  • Powered by Neos CMS 
  • Multiple way to upload 
  • Content delivery network CDN
  • Metadata and tagging for assets
  • Search using Apache Solr 
  • Delivery to Web, mobile and apps 
  • Delivery using XML and REST
  • Custom workflows

Digital Assets Management or DAM is important part of any content management system. Following are highlights of its main sections 


Creating of content involves uploading it from various sources. While uploading DAM system also extracts information from the assets such as EXIF data or other meta-data. Videos can produces thumbnails or previews. DAM then structures this information in a way it can be searches very well. 


TYPO3 Neos and Flow has unique method of storing content. It is possible to store content not only on local disks as well as on Content Delivery Networks - CDN. Storage makes sure the content can be searched and delivered with quickest way possible. 


Content search is powered by Apache Solr search. Solr is powerful search engine which can be used as a service. Along with this Lelesys implements custom search functionality using Elastic search suitable for project requirements.


Content is then delivered to its consumers in various ways. Basic method is to provide it as desktop browser application. In addition to this it can be delivered to HTML5 mobile web applications as well as mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. 

In addition to direct delivery digital assets can also be delivered as API using REST or XML

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