Speed & Price: Rapid application development

Web portals, especially startup companies need rapid development at reasonable price. Lelesys provides rapid application development and support at almost 25% to sometimes 40% cheaper than European prices. With no compromise on quality! Below are some points about how we achieve it.

Large team

We have full time employed team of 60 developers located in Goa, India. Most of developers work with us for more than 3 years. Project teams are structured as developers, lead developers, SCRUM Master and Production Manager. We execute roughly 6-9 projects at a time. Some of our projects are continuous and have dedicated teams.

Efficient process

We have adapted Agile software development or SCRUM since 2011. Our whole team is trained to make sure the SCRUM process is followed correctly. In addition to SCRUM we also have efficient code review process using Gerrit. Our team is trained to ensure customers receive correct communication and issues are resolved quickly over email or using Skype calls. 

Technology experts

Lelesys is one of the first companies to start using TYPO3 Flow and Neos. Our team includes experts from TYPO3 CMS as well as TYPO3 Flow and TYPO Neos. So we ensure none of the projects is stuck due to technical issues. In addition to this we also have good network of consultants in Germany for various high end capabilities.

Enterprise experience

Lelesys has worked with number of large size customer in US and Europe for long term projects. We are well aware of processes and culture of multinational companies. Below are some cases of Enterprise projects -

  • Intranet development using TYPO3 for Large German manufacturing company for 3 years from 2005
  • Ryze business networking and support for 3 years from 2003 to 2006. 
  • Continuous development and support for financial data portal from USA - 8 years since 2004 and ongoing
  • Launchr.com development and support for 3 years and ongoing.
  • Amadeus Germany development of web product for 2 years using TYPO3 Flow

German quality

Lelesys has been delivering projects in Germany since 2005. In these 9 years we have achieved highest customers and growth in German speaking market just because we understand German Quality better!

German office

Lelesys is now a German company as well. We have our own subsidiary in Frankfurt, Germany as Lelesys Informatik GmbH. This allows us to provide better support to customers as well as have legal existence in Europe. 

Price advantage

Information technology is core of any business these days. High quality Software development is expensive. Startup companies as well as enterprise companies need a way to reduce price but still quality of work high. Lelesys has been delivering in Germany and have achieved German Quality in last 11 years of business. We have our own team in Goa, India which makes it possible for us to deliver our service at lower prices than comparable European prices.

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