Quality process & communication

Best quality is the policy ! At Lelesys we have developed and maintained high quality consistently for last 7 years. We have delivered high quality solutions to European customers and they are as good as any high quality solution developed in Germany or rest of Europe.

At Lelesys we have achieved high quality using constant training to our staff as well as developed "culture" to sense needs of the customer and deliver accordingly. In sense we have been successfully delivering with European quality in Europe. When it comes to quality in web development we have been keeping tab on following main points:

  • Quality of templates in case of TYPO3
  • Clean HTML5 / CSS3 having browser compatibility
  • Valid source with W3C standards
  • Extension development using standard APIs and clean coding
  • Test driven development
  • QA system in place for rapid testing
  • Coding standards for PHP and mySQL
  • Control over using GNU / GPL components

Agile development process (SCRUM)

Agile development: We use agile development method in case of larger projects as well as product development. Generally for Agile we have team of 8-10 developers and project running for 12 to 15 months. Whole project management cycle is tracked using Redmine system

Project Management

Communication and collaboration is backbone of outsourcing. We have developed ways to collaborate on projects with active participation of our customers in the collaboration and project management. We use open source project management tool called Redmine. At this point Redmine also supports Agile development process. 

Team Structure


Communication is backbone of outsourcing. Our staff is experienced communicating effectively with European customers. At Lelesys we have developed a culture where we give highest importance to communication and reporting. 11 in the morning means 11:00 CET to us !

We manage communication at different levels and with defined methods. Following are some channels we use for communication.

Each team leader at Lelesys is equipped with notebook and wireless internet connection. Email and Skype is used as basic communication medium.

We heavily use Skype voice calling service along with desktop sharing. This helps us to execute collaboration meetings where technical points can be discussed easily as if customer is in-front of us.


To assure quality of our development we consistently use testing tools and methods. Testing is done for each page, module or extension while it is developed through peer review process. Also integration testing is done when everything is ready and ready to release. 

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