Concept & Architecture

Our services involve development of ideas into concept and architecture. We discuss initial requirements with our customers and produce concept and architecture. The process usually goes in following steps.  

Requirements gathering

In this first step of project execution we do brain storming meeting with customer team in order to understand business requirements. We gather all requirements and put together as a document - Requirements Analysis Document. This document defines overall scope of the project with multiple phases or milestones.

Concept Document

Based on the requirements of the customer we create the concept of the project. We have huge experience of application development with more than 100 project delivered in last 12 years. We define different modules in the project and choose best possible functional concepts. 


Once concept is defined we want to give it a visual appearance. We draw wireframes of all screens or pages in the project which can show whole project running on the paper. This gives clear visual idea of the project scope to the customer. Ideas are also developed during this stage for usability and simplicity of the project. During this step we also add some new points to the concept document. 

User Stories

Once concept and wireframes are decided and frozen we go to the next step of developing user stories. User stories have simple format which defines each and every function of the project as statements. User stories also provide in detail explanation to developers and also becomes reference for Acceptance Testing for customers. User story as following general format 

As a <user> I want to do <action> so that I should see <result>


Based on Concept and User stories our team of architects develop software architecture with best methods and technologies. We use Open Source technologies so we develop flexible architecture where applications can grow in Agile way in the future.

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