We do SCRUM!

Lelesys has adopted SCRUM for software development process. Over last 3 years we have made sure it has become culture to work in our company. We develop all our projects in SCRUM mode or SCRUM-like mode for small projects. However the culture of SCRUM process helps to make sure the deliverables are predictable and sprints of product gives good visible updates to customers.

How we do it?

  • Each project has 1-3 teams of 3 developers each. 
  • Each project has sprint cycle of 1 or 2 weeks. Each team decides sprint of next week on previous Friday or Saturday. 
  • Each developer has user stories assigned. 
  • Team does daily stand-up meeting with SCRUM master at 10:00 India time. 
  • Customer are also involved in this process and also need to make sure information is flowing well in time from customers as well.

Does it work across borders?

We have heard that SCRUM cannot work for offshore projects. However we have proved it wrong! Implementing SCRUM highly depends on the people of your team. At Lelesys each employee is chosen for right culture and emotional intelligence. We have already executed 2 large projects running for 2 years under SCRUM process.

Case studies

Amadeus Germany: Lelesys worked as development team on Amadeus Social Media Suite with team of 15 developers working from our office in Goa. SCRUM model was used and was highly successful. 

Launchr.com: Lelesys fully developed Launchr.com under SCRUM mode. Team of 5 developers as well as small team in Germany worked together for 2 years in order to build the product.

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