Invariably there are different layers and tires of structures. Machines or processing instruments, Server and clients are in distributed areas, even if the layers / tires are not distributed it is a good practice to keep each system decoupled from each other, to the smallest level of the instruments. The communication between the instruments and layers or tires take place intermittently with very high frequency or as per the events of communication. This communication is "messaging communication". Web services are popularly used in such type of structures which does communication through the WAN or Internet.

In realistic business applications it is possible for text-based formats to have comparable performance to binary, and that the text-based nature of XML is not sufficient to explain (Simple Object Access Protocol) SOAP's inefficiency. Thus suggesting further work may enable SOAP to become a viable format for acceptable performance business applications.

Lelesys has used XML web-service as a technology for systematic and flexible application-to-application integration. Web services differ from most existing practices in that they utilize proven web protocols and open XML standards.

The data communication in the layers is done by processing the information stored in the XML file.  The data format can differ from application-to-application.  In the financial market application the text data format is avoided and Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol are used.  

XML format-

Using TYPO3 CMS, Lelesys has designed and implemented a complete web based software-solution (control panel and monitoring system) to one of the Fly-ash Cement producing 'Continuous Processing Unit'  for 'production and dispatch'.

The data received from the central server was processed and the control mechanism was build using web-services.

Lelesys also has built a complex application by using web-service structure for a financial market start up company which was later awarded by the SME promotion council in USA. The company extends service to the Financial Advisers in the ETF market.


  • Continuous process control for factory
  • Input from electronic devices 
  • Manual inputs using tablets
  • Live update of the process
  • Real time delivery planning
  • Alerts for process breaks
  • Handling of manpower and machines
  • Prediction of ouput 
  • Reports for management
  • Custom workflows

Get a highly efficient factory process control system using TYPO3


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