Superuser package for TYPO3 Flow 

 The superuser is a special user account used for system administration or controlling all aspects of a portal as a chief. With Superuser package, admin can make any transactions on behalf of another user without logging out or entering other user's password.

Lelesys.SuperUser package has been developed using TYPO3 Flow framework. 
Below are the steps involved in superuser functionality:

After clicking on link, it will be redirected to frontend and logged in as respective
frontend user.

  1. Login as superuser.
  2. Superuser can view the list of all registed users at admin panel.
  3. Superuser can click on 'Login as user' link from detail view of any user (see 1st image) .
  4. Superuser can view the details of user, change any details or can make transaction on behalf of that user.
  5. At the top of site 'Exit' link will apperared to logout from frontend user session..
    After clicking on the ' Exit'  link admin (superuser) will logout from the frontend user session and will again logged as normal admin user (superuser) redirecting to admin panel interface (see 2nd image).

    Below settings are used to redirect super user if login is successful or failed and after logout as user.

        package: 'My.Admin'
        controller: 'Admin'
        action: 'index'
        package: 'My.User'
        controller: 'User'
        action: 'index'
        package: 'My.Admin'
        controller: 'Admin'
        action: 'index'

Advantages :

Using superuser finctionality, Superuser can manage all transations of registered users without knowing his/her login credentials.

Lelesys has developed Lelesys.SuperUser package to fulfill the requirement of superuser functionality. The package is availabele at

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