Tracking email open event using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and can measure response of promotional emails. One of the method for marketing is sending newsletter email to the website users. Google Analytics (GA) is used effectively to track who open the newsletter. 

Let us see how to do event tracking of  "Newletter Opening" within your email.

Following are the basic step for open email tracking:

  1. You need to create a Google Analytics Account for Google Analytics Tracking ID.

    Refer link:

  2. For Event Tracking you need to embed an image tag within the HTML of your email.

    For eg: <img src=”URL FOR ANALYTICS” />

  3. Build the URL for analytics. The URL of the Image carry all information about the Google Analytics account like which Google Analytics account, email campaign identification, receiver email etc.  

    For Example:

  4. GA dashboard will show response as soon as email is opened by the receiver. It is a “Real time” tracking from Google Analytics dashboard.

Let us see some required parameter for email open tracking: 

v = 1 Google Analytics (GA) version number 
tid Google Analytics Tracking ID 
cid Customer ID (any unique number) 
Event hit type 
ec Event Category 
ea Event Action 
el Event Label 
cs Campaign Source 
cm Campaign Medium
cn Campaign Name

Note: Some mail client trim email body “<img>” tag. Email receiver must click on “display image” to View the images in mail. If user does not click “display image” link, tracking request will NOT be sent to GA. This is a classic limitation of “one pixel” image in tracking technique.

Result on Google Analytics dashboard: 

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