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Business need

VSK was having  a website with older version of TYPO3. Hence it was lagging modern  website features like SEO optimization, supporting modern browsers and responsive web design etc. Overall upgradation of website was long due with modern business features. New functionality of Reseller was entire build during the relaunch.

How website works ?

VSK landlord protection index Germany is the industry specialist in credit check of prospective tenants and future tenants in Germany. The VSK website gives Landlord the opportunity to find out more information about the tenants to whom they want to rent their land, houses, flats etc.    

Two types of user groups are involved in the website. One is Landlord and other is the Reseller. Landlord registers himself on the website and Resellers are being registered by VSK administrator. Registered Landlord of the website can login and perform the tenant search and address search. This Search is on Paid basis. Price discount is offered on higher turnover of Search to the Landlord.

Reseller of the website can login and create Unique Coupon Code. Each Coupon code has limited number of Search Counts and associated pricing for each search. Reseller can distribute these coupon codes to the prospective Landlord via email outside the website. Landlord can use this coupon code while registering himself on the website or he can edit the coupon code from his profile to change his Reseller. 

Reseller promote business of VSK, hence reseller should receive commission. Landlord need to put the coupe code while or after registering so that the Landlord & Reseller remain associated and hence the commission passing is augmented in programing.  Landlord can change the Coupon code to avail different pricing for Tenant Search, This may leads to change of associated Reseller.

If the Landlord does not use the coupon code from any Reseller then the Landlord is associated to the VSK administrator.

The resellers are further divided in two groups Normal and Corporate as per the sales turnover.

For Tenant Seach, landlord fills the tenant information and submits the form. After submitting the form the information is sent to the third party service Bürgel through Bürgel API call which indeed gives the tenant search result by rating them from 0 to 10.             

After login, Landlord can see invoices and can download. Also he can see the number of tenant searches performed in current month and list of tenant searches he has performed till date. There is also a provision that the Landlord can instantly search for same tenant from his tenant search list without filling the tenant search information form again.

Landlord also has the provision to perform the address search of a tenant. The third party application (Supercheck API) is being integrated with VSK website which is shown in iframe.   

At a fixed date in a month the cronjob will run which calculates the business & commercial data, to count the business performance. The data can generate intelligence helping in taking right business decisions. 

Lelesys have implemented the Payone Payment Gateway for online payments. Landlord can do payment via credit or debit card. The website does not store any of the credit information of any user.


  1. VSK webiste is a custom web application. Hence the workflow and user requirements were discussed extensively.

  2. To remain in line of customer requirements extensive usage of Charts and Diagrams were made to fix the final requirements.

  3. Advanced Project management tool was used apart from emails & online communication tools.

  4. Continuous Integration tools like -Git, Gerrit & Jenkins were used for high quality code quality and regular project deployment.

  5. The website is HTML5 & CSS 3 with twitterbootstrap template (responsive template), hence supporting all devices from mobile to large screen computers.

  6. The browser testing and fixing is done for all modern browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Intenet Explorer.

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