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The owner of is a software architect and partner of Lelesys for many projects from 2005. Lelesys has developed using TYPO3 Flow as a software application framework.

Many professionals want to have a testing platform before they select a software product for further application or usage, however they have limited resources. Launchr is a perfect platform for technical and semi technical geeks to test / develop licensed or open source software solutions. Above 50 solutions are supported in Communities as well as freelancer can showcase their products to demo on Launchr.


Launchr is a cloud based platform where you can quickly install commercial and open source application. User can simply sign up and choose from several solutions available. Once you click on "Launch Now" the application gets installed on the Launchr server within seconds. This solution is ideal for commercial products who would like to support their prospective customers to get a 24/7 private demo access. It is also useful tool for end users who would like to evaluate various commercial and open source products quickly and take a decision.


  1. Web-portal for try out open sources and commercial application with personal installation. Instead of spending more time on each product’s technicalities user can focus on usability aspect before selecting products. Select a product to it’s best suitable needs and then do more technical analysis as per needs.

  2. Install favorite applications with a click of a button in less than a minute. This would save lot of time to prepare for installation requirements.

  3. No programming or administration efforts required for User.

  4. Instant access and try out new releases.

  5. Present personalised users solution.

  6. Develop such a system which handle different software installation with single login.

  7. Create web hosting for each installation and keep updating.

  8. Manage installation as per user sharing options.

  9. Create multiple supported product with each version.

  10. Take care of huge data with high quality security.

Approach and solutions of Lelesys

The software architecture was developed by Lelesys in agile mode in detail consultation with our customer and owner of Software Project management tools was used for regular development and task focusing. Enabling the team to work in SCRUM mode. 

Continuous integration tools were used for code monitoring and deployment.

Solutions developed by Lelesys:

  1. Integrated Mailgun and Mailchimp APIs (email marketing management tool) to send emails and newsletter to User.

  2. Developed API for install and manage Launch on Cloud hosting.

  3. Created sequences for different products with multiple versions.

  4. Developed access control handle of Launch using Redis and Lua.

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