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Business need

The football league was having static website to show historical data. An agency approached lelesys to make the website dynamic using TYPO3 CMS. The agency helped us by providing the design template. Lelesys used the technical expertise to design the software architecture to complete the website functionality, design implementation and programing.


The  football league  consists of 12 teams. The tournament runs from mid July until May the following year, to compete for title ‘Champion’ of Football Clubs.

To show the latest information or score-card Lelesys developed an extension which refreshes and fetches the data every 30 seconds so the goals are displayed immediately on the site. It also shows the played and upcoming matches in the same plugin.

Visitor of the website can see all kinds of information like lineups, live scores, head to head of each game. It also shows the picture of the jersey and highlights of the match. Plugin also has the navigator to navigate between played and upcoming matches. It also shows red yellow cards given during the match.

Players gets the points for the goals and team for each victory. Website also shows latest team standings and player standings as per the latest score. In another view It displays the team picture, jersey, upcoming matches, records and players information.

There exist a time table of the matches as per the rounds, filter by round and team is also possible.

Admin can upload match videos in backend and public user can browse through them. This plugin shows match highlights as per the selected filters.


Team of 4 developers worked with the agency to find the specifications and user flows. Lelesys defined the admin functionality and the method of receiving the data to the website server.

Template design implementation, plugin development were completed by resolving dependency.

Various cronjob were written to manipulate received data to list the Live Scores and Feeds.

The project was completed in waterfall method

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