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Costabrava is a fresh webiste. Lelesys planned the website in TYPO3 Neos and TYPO3 Flow framework. It was one of the early websites in the futuristic CMS - TYPO3 Neos.


Costa Brava is a marketing company doing sales and marketing for the hotels at Costa Brava. Lelesys implemented a third party API, which collect all possible available hotel accommodations in vicinity of Costa Brava. So that website can project best deals to the customers. Apart from the automatic fetching of data Admin can enter the data from admin section.

Being one of the early websites world wide in TYPO3 Neos, Lelesys gave training to the developers from Feel Costa Brava, about basic technology and template integration and changes needed.Now website admin can edit and change the designs and some more features.


TYPO3 Neos was under development, Hence Lelesys decided to give some training to the developer of customer for basic programing and implementation guidelines as a special assistance.  

Apart from the advanced approach of agile project management, and using Continuous Integration tools like Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins for better code monitoring and deployment on customer's server, Lelesys developed following solutions.

  1. Developed online website where user can search and book the accommodation.

  2. Integrated Third party APIs to show accommodation.

  3. Developed powerful backend area where Admin can create, update, delete accommodation with rate, availabilities and restriction.

  4. Developed module for handle all User management.

  5. Developed module for booking history and payment related data. 

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