Contract handling web application using advanced JS library - ContractBeheerder

Business needs

Contract handling application in Java was desktop based. Hence customer wanted to make it to web based application so as it can be used by many.  The Admin to create various users & and group them. User should create various contract with, start & end date, Subject / Title of the contract etc and assign inside the Group. Reminders are generated for the contracts and a reminder email is sent to the users.


Lelesys created a replica of the same JAVA based desktop application using TYPO3 Flow framework with ExtJs User interface. It is now a web application software which was created for users for easy contract handling. Now all the users can access the application on web. The Admin create various users & and group them. User can create contract and assign to other user inside the Group. Reminders are generated for the contracts and a reminder email is sent to the users.

User 's with different user roles are created to ‘view only’ certain contracts belonging to their group. For each contract a Manager is assigned. The user's can view the contract in pdf format. Also there is a search functionality to search the contracts based on various search criteria. Also reports in “.xls export” can be generated for various things eg to view details of users, details of contracts. Dynamic form for the contract can be created as profile. 

This website is mainly used for handling the contracts, assigning managers to the contract. So if a manager is assigned to contract he will be able to edit the contract, else an un-editable view of contract is shown to user. So the users need not worry as to when his contract will end. This application is one stop point wherein he gets all the details of his contract along with reminders for his contract.

Data migration from the old desktop java application to newly created ExtJS application .

Generating Dynamic forms

Dynamic form is a form where the additional fields like input fields, drop down etc, can be added by the admin of a website. To add or remove the fields the Admin should have almost no dependency on developer or software professional. Hence admin can change the form with no dependency.


The contracts or tasks can be assigned to different individuals. The reminder of end date of contract is set when generating the contract. The system would send notification to responsible person automatically by the ‘Cronjob’


Lelesys evaluated the requirement and selected the advanced ExtJS library on top of TYPO3 Flow. ExtJS (Sencha) library is a “client side framework”. Advantages of using ExtJS is - it reduces number of request to the server, and there are many event based features offered by ExtJS framework. It also offers a library of UI (User Interface). Hence it was used extensively to build UI (User Interface) on top of TYPO3 FLow an advanced php framework.

The project was run in scrum mode, with extensive quality control and Continuous Integration tools like Git, Gerrit, Jenkines etc to make development and deployment fast and hassle free.

Advanced project management tool was used with customer participation

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